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Klasseromskurs, Bedriftsintern

FSE Lavspenning

FSE lavspenning med førstehjelp dekker kompetansekravene som stilles i FSE forskriftene.

  • Topics covered:
    - Understand what requirements are set for those whom are to work on or by electrical installations.
    - Specific requirements set out in the FSE-regulation.
    - Know which authority governs operations offshore.
    - Routines for marking and cordoning off areas.
    - Requirements for how to organize the work and relevant competency.
    - Safety philosophy
    - Accident statistics related to work on electric installations.
    - Understand the general principles of protection, type specific  protection and marking.
    - Understand the risks related to rescue in live installations.
    - Understand the importance of reporting accidents and incidents.
    - First aid in case of accidents.
    - Alarm procedures in case of accidents.

    The training must be repeated every year.

     FSE regulation on Norwegian Continental Shelf

    English, Norwegian

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