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Exi basic

Exi Basic is a course for personnel who will work with intrinsically safe systems. The course is based on theory and practical exercises and gives a thorough introduction to basic Exi philosophy, as well as related regulations.

Our goal is to make sure your employees are motivated to work safely and securely so that design, installation and troubleshooting are carried out according to current standards.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the general principles for type of specific protection and proper marking of components approved in intrinsically safe systems (IS)
  • Current Exi Standards
  • Design and assessment of intrinsically safe equipment
  • Assessment and exact use of simple apparatus
  • Be able to choose and install the correct Exi equipment in potentially explosive areas according to the IEC 60079-14 and 60079-25 standards
  • How to work safely with IS
  • Requirements for competence to perform work on Exi installations
  • How to verify and calculate an Exi circuit
  • Know where to find and how to read relevant standards, data sheets, product sheets and other relevant literature
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